Microblading, Ombré, and Digital Brows are fabulous treatments for enhancing your brows, whether you have plenty of hair or none at all.

Microblading vs Ombré vs Combo Eyebrows?

Microblading, Ombré, and Combo Eyebrows are forms of Permanent Makeup, but use different methods to implant the pigment into the skin.


With microblading, we manually use a super fine blade to create cuts into the skin which look like hairstrokes.


For Ombré, we use an electronically powered machine and a needle, which is more similar to a conventional tattoo (but much less aggressive and the pigment is not implanted as deeply).


Using a combination of both ombré and microblading, we can achieve a wider range of effects such as shading, ombré and also super natural hairstrokes. 

This is my 5th year of having my eyebrows tattooed at Victoria Beauty Nairobi, all the therapists are fantastic, highly skilled and professional. I receive compliments on my eyebrows all the time, they look so natural and last over a year.

Kibett W, Victoria Beauty Client



If you are looking for something a little more striking or usually fill your brows in every day with conventional makeup, Ombré Brows are a great choice. We can achieve a wider range of effects with Ombré such as shading and supernatural hair strokes.


For Ombré Brows our Artists use a specialised shading technique to create a mist of colour across the full brow giving a powdery finish. We gradually build up colour from the front of the brow, with more colour density towards the tail – creating a gradient effect. Always bespoke, this effect can be tailored to you and made as bold or as subtle as you desire!  



Combo Eyebrows are one of Victoria Beauty most requested treatments. Combining different hairstroke and shading techniques to create beautiful hybrid brows that are a little more defined and subtle than Ombré or Microbladed Brows.


When you come for your treatment we can discuss with you what you want to achieve and use our expertise to determine which will be the best technique for you.