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HyperRealism™ EYEBROWS


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HyperRealism™ Brows is the latest technic of semi-permanent eyebrows to replace Microblading in creating the most natural-looking brows. Benefit from the exclusive experience of our founder Victoria who studied this new technic in Korea. At Victoria Beauty only ✨

HyperRealism™ versus Microblading?

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Pink new cosmetic product Instagram post (1).JPG

HyperRealism™ uses a new technique from Korea to create the most natural-looking eyebrows, with each hairstroke twice thinner, more curved, and crisscrossed than Microblading was ever able to achieve.


While Microblading uses a thin blade to make fine cuts to incorporate ink in the skin, HyperRealism™ uses a machine from Korea to inject the ink into the skin through a super-fine needle. While the blade of Microblading is 0.6mm thick, the needle from the Korean HyperRealism™ ink machine is 0.3mm thick. This enables our technicians to draw each hairstroke twice thinner than with microblading, creating hairstrokes that are indistinguishable from real hair.


Furthermore, the super-fine needle enables our technicians to curve each hair, something that could hardly be done using the microblading blade. This extra curve makes the eyebrows look more natural.


Finally, and most importantly, we are now able to crisscross the hairs, meaning that hairs appear on top of each other, crossing each other, like in real life. This is very important to achieve the most natural looking eyebrows.


With hairstrokes twice thinner, curved, and crisscrossed than with microblading, HyperRealism™ mimics natural hair like never before. 

I was always hesitant to do any kind of permanent brows because I was afraid it would look unnatural. But when Victoria started advertising this new HyperRealism™ technique, I decided to take my chance. At first, nobody at work noticed I had done an eyebrow tattoo. But all said something had changed for the better.

Kibett W, Victoria Beauty Client

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