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Permanent Makeup For Men

Male models, male celebrities, and rock stars use permanent makeup to reinforce the natural strength of their face traits. Permanent eyebrows make your look deeper, while lipblush makes potential partners fall for your lips. Discover the power of permanent makeup for men now. 

I was already using subbtle touches of makeup to reinforce my look when going out. Permanent makeup allowed to have my perfect going out look everyday, effortlessly. I wouldn't go back to non-pencil-free life!

Njoroge W, Victoria Beauty Client

HyperRealism™ FOR MEN

Microblading and Shading for Men

Looking groomed and put-together is equally important to everyone. If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your appearance, you might want to consider having some brow work done. HyperRealism™ eyebrows is a sure way of achieving natural-looking brows.

The biggest difference in the look of male and female brows is the shape of the arches.

While women’s brows are naturally more curved, and they like to keep them perfectly shaped, men’s tend to be a bit unruly and imperfect, and that’s exactly how most of them like it!

To ensure the shape will stay like that even after the HyperRealism™ procedure, artists who have experience doing HyperRealism™ for men make sure to add a few “stray” hairs here and there. They also know they shouldn’t curve the arch too much, as men’s brows are generally straighter – they should follow the brow bone.


Lipblush for Men

Lip blushing has gained so much popularity over the years with women that more and more men are starting to see the benefits of lip blushing and are requesting this service.


The challenge with male lips is making the color and shape as natural as possible so that it is virtually undetectable. 

Less is more when working with male clients. If you are worried about color, go for the most natural and slowly build the color over 2 sessions. 

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