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The Latest Permanent Makeup Techniques in Kenya and What You Should Know

Everyone aims to look impeccable. However, if you work daily or run errands, you will know the struggle of doing the makeup. Applying daily makeup wastes not only your time but also damages your skin. Therefore, permanent makeup has got a lot of rise in the market. It has reduced the hassle of daily makeup. Moreover, people who want to look great daily can go with it. In this blog, you will learn about permanent makeup and its latest techniques of it.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that uses tattoos to enhance your natural features. It'sIt's also called micro pigmentation, and it can be used to create eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color, and more.

Why is permanent makeup becoming popular in Kenya?

Permanent Makeup Techniques

Permanent makeup is a safe and painless procedure. It'sIt's also a permanent solution to your beauty problems, which can be long-lasting. Although you might have to come for some of the touch-ups, it will help make you look great. This type of cosmetic treatment will last for years.

This was popular when Egyptians first started using cosmetics on their faces/body parts (they also painted their eyes). Due to this rise, people started opting the permanent makeup techniques. It is a great way to look beautiful without applying many products to your face.

Latest permanent makeup techniques

Different latest permanent makeup techniques are pretty popular; some of them are as follows:

  • Permanent eyeliner (with or without lip tinting).

  • Microblading---permanent eyebrows.

  • Permanent lip tinting.

  • Cheek blush.

Permanent eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the essential features of your face. They give you a more defined look and help you stand out. Permanent eyebrows are also called microblading. If you want a perfect set of eyebrows, they must be in the right shape, color, and place. An excellent permanent makeup technician can create this for you by using pigments or powders, depending on what type of shape and style you want for yourself.

Victoria Beauty offers the best permanent eyebrows to their clients. You will get different options: Microblading, Shading, Ombré, and Digital Brows. It is up to you to choose the one that suits your personality.

Permanent eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Techniques

Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo that involves the application of liquid or powder pigment to the skin around the eyes. This can be done by an expert who will use a small tool called a liner brush to apply color with precision. Permanent eyeliner has been around since ancient times and was operated by women who wanted to enhance their appearance.

Permanent eyeliners come in many shades and tones; some are more natural looking than others, but all have one thing in common: they last for years without needing maintenance!

Permanent lip tinting

Permanent lip tinting is an excellent option for people who have difficulty applying lipstick. It'sIt's also suitable for those who want to get rid of the need to apply lipstick every day, and it can be done in any color.

There are two types of permanent lip tints: one that stains your lips and one that lines them. The first type will help create an overall darker look, while the latter helps define your lips by creating sharper edges. Both styles work well on all skin tones.

At Victoria beauty, you will get various options to get it done. That'sThat's why we developed our exclusive Diamond Lip Blushing and Melanin-Rich Lips Correction treatments.

Permanent blush

As the name suggests, permanent blush is a makeup product that can enhance the beauty of your cheeks. It'sIt's been widely used by celebrities who want their skin tone to match the rest of their face.

The main benefit of using permanent blush is that it allows you to define the shape of your face rather than having it look flat or too rounder than it is on its own. This makes you look like a natural beauty in photos with no makep!

Things you should consider before getting the permanent makeup

Before you get permanent makeup, you should consider a few things.

Choose a reputable and experienced artist

Permanent Makeup Techniques

Getting permanent makeup is a challenging thing. If you go to unprofessionals, you may face a lot of consequences. For instance, you might get the wrong makeup, look fake, etc. Therefore, when you go out to get it done, you should always trust experienced artists. You can trust Victoria Beauty, as we have professionals.

Ask questions to your artist

Once you have decided on the artist, you should ask several questions from them.

  • What do they know about the procedure?

  • How many other people have used their services before?

  • How long have they been doing this particular type of permanent makeup?

  • Do they use safe materials and equipment (such as gloves)?

  • Can they provide references from clients who have used them previously,

  • Do they offer complementary consultations before starting any procedures

Why should you consider Victoria Beauty?

Permanent Makeup Techniques

If you are looking for a permanent makeup artist with years of experience and highly experienced, look no further than Victoria'sVictoria's Beauty. We have the best professionals that know to cater to the clients perfectly. Moreover, our team always tries to give the best consultation, so you can decide which permanent makeup is best for you.


It would be best if you considered permanent makeup because it is becoming a popular procedure for many people. Moreover, it is possible to get it done without fear or regret. The key is researching to find the best permanent makeup in Kenya. However, if you trust Victora'sVictora's Beauty, you will never regret it. Our salon has the best professionals and years of experience catering to clients.

Permanent Makeup Techniques

Don’t be in a rush; take your time because, in the end, your decision to get permanent makeup will be worth it.

To Get A Free Consultation on Permanent Makeup, contact Victoria Beauty.

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