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Top Trends in Permanent Makeup: The Latest Styles and Techniques Taking Kenya by Storm

Permanent makeup has been steadily gaining popularity in Kenya, with more and more people opting for the convenience of long-lasting beauty. In this blog, we take a look at the latest trends and techniques that are taking over Kenyan salons, from intricate eyeliner to contouring and shading. Learn how these styles can be customized to your unique features and discover why they're so popular.

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing in which pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the skin to produce the desired decorative effect. It is also known as semi-permanent makeup, micro pigmentation, and derma pigmentation.

History of

Trends in Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has existed for centuries, with early examples dating back to the ancient Egyptians. However, in the late 20th century, permanent makeup became widely available and popularized in Western society.

Today, permanent makeup is used for various purposes, from enhancing natural beauty to correcting facial imperfections such as scars or asymmetry. Permanent makeup can also create the illusion of fuller eyebrows, lashes, and lips.

Different techniques and styles can be used in permanent makeup depending on the desired look. For example, microblading is a popular technique used to create natural-looking eyebrow hairs.

If you're interested in exploring permanent makeup for yourself, consult a reputable technician. They can help you choose the best style and technique for your needs and preferences. Victoria beauty has a professional team. We know to give the best solutions to our clients, so if you want to get it done, you can trust us!

Trends in Permanent Makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are many different options available. You can go for a natural look, or you can choose to go all out with your makeup. Permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular as it offers several benefits.

Permanent makeup can help save time in the morning, as you won't need to apply your makeup daily. This can be particularly helpful if you have a busy lifestyle.

This type of makeup can also help to boost your confidence. Permanent makeup can help you feel more confident in your skin if you have always been self-conscious about your appearance.

Permanent makeup can also correct imperfections on your face, such as asymmetrical eyebrows or thin lips. If you are unhappy with your natural features, permanent makeup can help you achieve the look you desire.

If you are considering permanent makeup, it is vital to research and finds a reputable artist with experience in this field. Also, make sure you are happy with the results before committing to this treatment.

Popular Trends in Permanent Makeup in Kenya

There's no doubt that permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya. More and more women are opting for treatments to enhance their natural beauty, and with the wide range of options available, it's easy to see why.

From eyebrow tattooing to lip tinting, several popular trends in permanent makeup are taking Kenya by storm. If you're considering getting permanent makeup done, here are some of the latest styles and techniques to consider:

Eyebrow tattooing:

Trends in Permanent Makeup

If you're looking for a way to achieve fuller, more defined eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing is a great option. This trend has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is also called microblading. If you trust Victoria's Beauty, we have skilled technicians who can provide natural-looking results.

Lip tinting:

Lip tinting is another popular trend in permanent makeup. This is an excellent option if you want to add a touch of color to your lips without wearing lipstick. Various shades are available, so you can find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone.

Common mistakes to avoid with permanent makeup

People make a few common mistakes when they get permanent makeup. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to get the best results possible from your procedure.

One common mistake is to do your research ahead of time. Make sure you understand the risks and benefits of permanent makeup before you make an appointment. Ask your artist about their experience and training.

Another mistake is not following aftercare instructions. Permanent makeup is an invasive procedure, so it's essential to follow your artist's instructions for taking care of your skin afterward. This will help ensure that the pigment stays in place and doesn't cause irritation or infection.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you need clarification, ask your artist or consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon before proceeding. Asking questions can help you avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your results.

Where to find quality services for permanent makeup in Kenya?

Trends in Permanent Makeup

When finding quality services for permanent makeup in Kenya, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to find a reputable and experienced technician with a good track record. There are a few ways to find this information, such as asking friends or family for recommendations, searching online forums and review sites, or even checking out the technician's website or social media profiles.

Once you've found a few potential candidates, the next step is to book a consultation appointment to get an idea of their work firsthand. This is also a great time to ask questions about the procedure, aftercare, etc. Be sure to choose a technician that makes you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. It's vital that you feel good about your decision before moving forward.

You can trust Victoria Beauty to get permanent makeup services. We have the professionals to provide you with outstanding services.


With the rise of permanent makeup, there is no better time to explore the latest trends taking Kenya by storm. Microblading, powder brows, and 3D lip designs are all popular choices for those who want to enhance their beauty. Whether you choose a subtle look or something more daring, plenty of options are available to find your perfect style to flaunt. So if you're looking for a way to update your look without spending hours in front of a mirror every morning, then why try one of these techniques?

Trends in Permanent Makeup

Don’t be in a rush; take your time because, in the end, your decision to get permanent makeup will be worth it.

To Get A Free Consultation on Permanent Makeup, contact Victoria Beauty.

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